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Commercial Lease Agreement


The Commercial Tenancies Act (CTA) of Ontario outlines the relationship, rights, and obligations between commercial landlords and commercial tenants.

A signed Commercial Lease Agreement with your commercial landlord or commercial tenant may take precedence over the CTA.


A Commercial Lease Agreement is a written agreement that ensures that both the commercial landlord and the commercial tenant are aware of their respective rights and obligations with regard to the commercial lease property.


As no business is the same, there is no standard Commercial Lease Agreement, however, most Commercial Lease Agreements should include the following:


  • the rent amount, including rules for rent increases and notice requirements

    • Rent increases are not subject to CTA regulation. The amount of rent charged and the timing of rent increases should be specified in a Commercial Lease Agreement.

  • the deposit amount should be agreed upon by both the commercial landlord and commercial tenant

  • insurance requirements

  • repair and maintenance obligations

    • The CTA does not set out responsibilities for maintenance. Maintenance obligations are to be agreed by the landlords and tenants in a Commercial Lease Agreement.

  • rules about how to renew or end the lease

  • the length and type of tenancy (month-to-month or fixed-term)

  • other business details that have been negotiated between the landlord and the tenant


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