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Passport Application & Renewal

A Canadian passport is a travel document that Canadian citizens can apply for.

If you already have an adult passport, you may be able to renew your adult passport.

You can submit your application at a Service Canada Centre or a passport office, depending on when you need your passport.

Understanding Passport Applications & Renewals

Passport Application Eligibility

To apply for an adult passport, you must be

  • A Canadian citizen and

  • 16 years of age or older


If under 16 years of age, you need to apply for a child’s passport, which is valid for a maximum of 5 years.


Passport Renewal Eligibility

  • Passport is an adult passport

    • You were 16 or older on the date you applied.

    • Children under 16 cannot renew their passports. 

  • Passport was issued within 15 years of the date the renewal was applied for

  • Passport was valid for 5 or 10 years

  • Passport has the same name, date of birth and place of birth as you want on the renewed passport

  • Passport has the same gender identifier as you want on your new passport


To speak with a Canadian immigration lawyer about a Passport Application book your consultation today.

The explanations and information provided herein are only general explanations, information and samples. You should not rely on this article as legal advice or as recommendations regarding what you should actually do. We recommend that you seek legal advice to help you understand and to assist you in the creation of your privacy policy.

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